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Alarm Clocks in Hell

J.P.W. Cornish

Louis Cumberbatch has always lived his life in an ordered fashion, with exactly the same habits each day. He lives alone and his dull but reassuring routines are set precisely to time, which is important for his equilibrium. He avoids too much socialising or any advancement at work, and finds other people puzzling and their motivations incomprehensible. He never questions his mode of existence, until one day he wakes up with intrusive questions in his mind.

Who exactly is he, why is he like this and what is his purpose? Why has he never thought about this before? Wrenched from his comforting rituals by a sudden and disturbing uncertainty, he reluctantly seeks help from a professional. Through the treatment he receives, Louis' life changes as he experiences the world rather differently, and finds himself with a difficult decision over which direction to take.

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J.P.W. Cornish was born in Armidale, rural New South Wales (Australia), moving with his family to Sydney (Australia) as a child. He grew up influenced by his city surroundings but returned to the land and now lives in a small coastal town.


He takes inspiration in distance from the chaos of the city.