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A Nation Beheaded

Neil McLocklin

Two years have passed since Lady Bankes lost her home, husband and lover at Corffe Castell. Now she is faced with new challenges including her melancholic son, the loss of a daughter and the need to find husbands for two others. But the nation is still divided as the Second English Civil War breaks out and there is financial and economic hardship across the country. The more radical amongst the parliamentarians see the trial of the king as the answer to draw a line under the conflict and build a new nation. Colonel Tom Harvey is asked to bring King Charles to justice from his imprisonment on the Isle of Wight, and he enlists Lady Bankes and her son to help him on his quest. In getting to know the king will their views change and what challenges will they face along the way, both emotional and from the threats of those who want the king dead and those who want him saved.

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Neil McLocklin was brought up in Dorset and enjoyed visits to the Purbecks and Corfe, something he continues to do with his wife and family. He has enjoyed a career in business consulting and real estate, but has written a number of books in a diverse range of genres, mainly written on his commute to London. A Nation in Ruins is the first to be published and he is now writing a sequel, following the fortunes of the Bankes and Harvey families through to the end of the Civil War, the execution of Charles I and Oliver Cromwell's rule as Lord Protector.