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The Painted Coat - Light Bob

Colin MacIver

Light Bob is the story of a British regular soldier, Adam Truworthy, serving in 18th-century America. He is a Light Bob because, for forest warfare, his hair is cropped, his coat is shortened, and his equipment adapted. Before this, he fights under Braddock on the Monongahela and Abercromby at Ticonderoga.
When he joins the Lights, his luck improves. After the successful relief of Fort Pitt, he is sent by Col. Henri Bouquet to take possession of French forts along the Ohio and Mississippi. After a successful river voyage, he emerges from the interior at New Orleans. The command then voyages to Virginia for further orders. Provoked into a deadly duel, Adam must leave the colony. He accepts a post in the Massachusetts Line and we leave him as he exchanges his red coat for a blue.

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Colin MacIver is the fictional voice of military historian, Michael C. C. Adams. He is the author of works on the American Civil War, WWI, WWII and images of war in western culture, 1066-2002. Adams's work has been a featured choice of major book clubs and his study of Civil War generalship won a book prize.


He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his American wife. They have also spent much time in Lake Molega, Nova Scotia and Lochearn, Perthshire.


Adams is both a UK and US citizen.