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Forever Ruby

Claire Merchant

Newly qualified lawyer Ruby Edwards is pretty much where she wants to be in life: a new job in a prestigious law firm, good friends, and above all a promising future with Oliver, the love of her life.

Why, then, does she feel drawn to the mysterious and magnetically handsome Cole Frost? Why does she feel like she's seen him before? South Coast is a small place but why does he keep appearing in her life?

She knows Oliver is the one for her; she has no doubts about that. She would never cheat because that would make her more like the mother who abandoned her than she would ever want to be.

But she can't seem to stay away from Cole Frost's piercing silver eyes, which might have seen much more than is usual in a lifetime...

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Claire Merchant is an author from Western Australia. She began writing in high school as a means of commenting on her surroundings, which soon developed into a passion for storytelling and character building.


Claire attended university to study English Literature, Communications and Education, and has used skills she learnt, along with personal experiences, to help her in her writing.


She has written several stories surrounding the residents of the fictional South Coast, in themes ranging from fantasy and supernatural fiction, to adventure, action, drama and romance.


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