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Negative Intimacy

Christine Le Gardé

Ariel is clever, alluringly beautiful, kind, professionally accomplished and financially comfortable. Near perfection in every sense of the word. Most bachelors think she is way out of their league.
She is courted online by Dante, a charming psychotherapist who lures her into his web with intimate, erotic dalliances. They marry and have a child.
Then the mask is torn off, exposing a man with one of the most dangerous personality disorders. What happens is beyond unthinkable...

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Christine Le Gardé came from a humble farm background and has grown up to be an angel in disguise, for many people, befitting her Libran personality. From an incredibly young age, she started her first charity venture, teaching dance at age twelve, out of the garage, to local children. She went on to become a ballerina, often flying across the stage in a tutu and wings, or entertaining crowds in modern dance and ballroom shows. Graduating top of her class at university, she then became a rising star in the retail marketing landscape, enjoying some wonderful international adventures. Christine gave away the corporate life when she became a mother and stepmother, pivoting her personal aspirations to focus on her family, becoming an author, and guiding women and families through divorce and domestic violence disputes as a volunteer McKenzie Friend.