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Lady Leah of Lygeton

Christie Moore

Can a woman be a knight?

For that matter, how long can any woman fend for herself in medieval times without a father, husband or brother? Times when other women are only too glad to take her castle, lands and livelihood from her?

Yet before Lady Leah of Lygeton's father died, he taught her how to fight.

Lady Leah has the steel and the steed to stand her ground. Yet does she have the support of her sovereign in a man's world? Even when she does her best, will losing jousts to a woman bring out the worst in her opponents, until she makes an envious enemy who wants to put the ‘feud' into feudal and be the thief who filches her fief?

Follow the fortunes of the world's first female knight as Lady Leah takes on her times and tilts at its tribulations.

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Christie Moore has played bass in a rock band for many years and worked in many aspects of the music industry. She has self-published three books but, being a lover of science fiction and history, it is no surprise that a historical novel would soon appear and this is her second. Inspired by a visit to a re-enactment and watching two female knights fight, Lady Leah was soon hatched into an idea.