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MATUMAINI - The Rhinos' Hope

Chris Green

The Rhinolympics have arrived! Rhinos from all over have gathered together for the grassland games and the greatest race of all - the Rhinothon!
For one little rhino the anticipation is almost too much! Little Matu, the smallest rhino with the biggest of hopeful hearts, has been dreaming of this day and now is almost bursting with excitement to meet the rhinothletes.
Come and join Matu and her best friend Ndege as they come across every kind of running, jumping, weight lifting, boulder shifting rhino you could ever imagine.
Take a deep breath though and hold on tight as Matu and Ndege are fast! It's a swirling rhino whirlwind as the pair charge between the rhino challenges and into all kinds of trouble. This is going to be a rhino roller coaster of a day, so get ready, turn this book around and open the first page where your rhino adventure awaits!

Chris Green will donate 50% of his net profits from the sale of every book to Save the Rhino International (Registered Charity Number: 1035072)

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Chris absolutely loves rhinos! So, when he heard that there are now so few left in the wild that we risk losing them forever, he started searching for a little hope!