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Warthog Tales

Janice Melmed

Farmer Terry from Livingstone farm has always had lots of cows and dogs on her farm, but never a tiny baby warthog! Twiggy was found by Mr Nel one hot summer's day after he discovered her all alone hiding under a thorn bush on an empty road. After being rescued, Twiggy is taken to live with Farmer Terry in a big house with lots of doggy friends, but will she fit in? Twiggy enjoys getting into mischief, chasing the dogs and finding places to hide for a nap, but, most of all, she loves Farmer Terry.


As Twiggy grows into a boisterous warthog who is very protective of her new home, another baby warthog is found alone without her mother. Baby Charlotte joins Livingstone farm and the chaos and fun continues as she and Twiggy grow into two adventurous and playful warthogs.

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Born in England, I have lived in South Africa since I was seven years old. I am currently retired from a corporate career and live in Cape Town with my partner Jeff. In 2014 I visited my old school friend Terry at her farm in Limpopo Province and fell in love with the bushveld. I was amazed, and a little terrified, to find myself sharing a house with two wild warthogs. The experience was too rich not to share and so Warthog Tales was born.