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The Rescue

Wendy Balfour

Trouble is stirring in fairyland. Noni Woods is under threat and now it's up to the fairies of the magical forest island to rescue their friends! It is a mission that will take all of their courage - and their kindness - if they are to bring everyone safely home.


This is a story of bravery, friendship and love.

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Wendy Balfour has a background of caring for young children. She has raised two daughters, a son and has three grandchildren. Wendy believes it is important to teach all children virtues and values, especially when they are young and impressionable.

Wendy successfully ran her own children's day nursery for fifteen years and has qualified as a holistic therapist and Reiki master. She feels her books can be used as a subtle teaching tool for parents with young children as her stories are of love, courage, kindness, bravery and equality. She is happy that her message can be expressed in a way that reaches a wide audience.