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The Reef Beneath The Waves

Peter Flint

Who knows what fish really do when we are not watching them ? Maybe they go about their daily lives much as we do ? Maybe they have adventures like we sometimes do - but perhaps their adventures are more exciting than ours!

And, although we live above the waves and they live beneath them , perhaps the characters we meet in these stories are not completely different to you and I. After all, at some time or another we may all suffer from toothache; or gaze hungrily at a delicious-looking cake; or know how disappointing it can be if the lights suddenly go out; or even decide to teach a bully a lesson he won't forget ! So when you next switch on your television and see pictures of a sad-looking polar bear on a melting iceberg, perhaps at that very moment Walter and his friends are figuring out how to solve the problem !"

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Peter Flint is a retired solicitor who lives in Shropshire. He is married and has three daughters and four grandchildren. After being taken to an aquarium, one of his grandsons - Harrison aged five - became interested in fish. Peter still has a whale's toothgiven to him as a boy many years ago whilst living on the island of Madeira. This was the inspiration for a short story written for Harrison - " Walter's Bad Tooth ". Further stories followed, which make up " The Reef Beneath The Waves ", the author's first book.