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The Lonely Little Fairy

Richard Thomas Carey

Sad and alone stands one lonely little fairy named Elspeth; however, Elspeth is no ordinary fairy but a Christmas fairy who stands at the top of the Christmas tree. As she watches the toys joyfully play, Elspeth realises how lonely she has become. If it wasn't bad enough, being alone over Christmas, things were no better for the rest of the year where she is kept all alone in a dark, gloomy cupboard. Why can't she fly down from the top of the Christmas tree? I hear you ask; after all, fairies do have wings.
Will this Christmas be any different for Elspeth? With just a little bit of hope left in her heart, Elspeth feels that something good might happen when she is taken out once more. That is until she lands with a thud and a crash into the dark sooty fireplace, where she is trapped behind the fire grid. As she looks out from behind bars, she sees that she has been replaced by a bright shining star sitting proudly at the top of the Christmas tree. As the toys try to rescue her, things go from bad to worse when the fire grid proves to be too heavy for them to move.
Is this the end for Elspeth, or will she find a little hope and Christmas magic to save her?

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Richard grew up in Southern England and as a child enjoyed carefree days of playing in mud and climbing trees and allowing his imagination to grow from the sights and surrounds around him. Richard has always loved stories of kindness and happy ever afters and always ends his own stories with positive thoughts of encouragement and compassion in some shape or form.