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The Little Pangolin

S D Palm

This charming book submerges the reader in a magical land of acacia trees, sparkling fish, pink skies and exotic animals.
Go with the little pangolin on his adventure and discover flamingos, crocodiles, lions, beautiful flowers and vast lakes. Read about his experiences on the African savannah and the animals that call this land home, and learn how a threat to his life uncovers how special he really is.
Designed to both enchant the reader's imagination and raise awareness of this extremely vulnerable animal, with original illustrations by Alexandra Ball, this book is a treasure that will last a lifetime.

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S D Palm was born in 1988 and lives on her native island of Jersey in the British Channel Islands. Over the years she has travelled the world, exploring six out of the seven continents. Feeling a particular passion and connection to Africa, she travelled through seven different countries on the continent before returning to help with the rehabilitation of injured animals. The Little Pangolin is a product of the magic she experienced during her time there, as a result of the animals, the landscape, and the beauty she saw in her surroundings.