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The Gatekeeper and the Hoogle

Den Hedges

Young David Edwards lived a somewhat unusual life with his two dads and two mums. "Jill and Andrew, William and Candy," he would say over and over, practicing his parents ‘couple names'. His family's situation was a bit strange, to say the least.

But then, in the back garden of his house, he saw it. He saw a creature that looked almost reptilian in nature, with large, round, double-lidded eyes with wolf-like irises, standing on its hind legs - the Hoogle. David's life was about to change forever.

A great destiny awaited David. Would he be able to survive what the future holds?

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Den Hedges was born and bred in Hatfield in Hertfordshire. He currently lives in a village just outside of Peterborough with his wife, Jane. He is very family orientated and loves nothing more than nice family time.
The Gatekeeper and the Hoogle was an idea he had when at school in 1980, and, although he started the story many times, it was never completed. He made a vow that by the time he was fifty-two he would have the book finished, which he did. He loved writing the book and hopes you enjoy reading it.
Remember, the next time you can't find your keys, it may be the Hoogle.