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The Dog Who Could See Colours

Angela Wood

A sensitive, diminutive dog looks back at her life and all the companions she has met over the years. Her enhanced senses and spirituality allow her to see colours emanating from all living beings, both dogs and humans, giving her a unique insight into their true emotions and personalities. These colours are often clues to the past and we discover a poignant story behind each and every one...

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My family and I live on the outskirts of the New Forest. I have always been interested in animals and animal physiology. I have had a number of cats, dogs, horses, ponies and a donkey. Many have been rescue animals and all have had their own unique set of behavioural problems. My love of animals led to my current business of dog boarding which I have been doing for the last seven years. Previously I have had various roles in sales, marketing and have worked with my husband in his business. I went to art college and have always drawn and painted.

The Dog Who Could See Colours is my second book. Inspiration for the characters in the story have come from real life dogs. I have drawn and painted all of the illustrations using watercolour and ink pen.

My first novel was The Tale of Captain Jack the Spanish Donkey by Angela Wood which was also published by Pegasus.