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The Book of Widdershins

Michelle Burgess

Roisin, Mark and Elliott, think they are going to spend a quiet summer at their nanny's house.
Everything changes as they discover a magical book from the past and an elderly neighbour who may be a witch. Spells are cast that send them travelling through time to the year 718. It is here they must try to heal the past and protect the future.
During their adventures, they discover the powers they were born to receive. Using their powers, can they defeat Silas and his dark magic before the sun sets on the solstice? Or will his darkness prevail leaving the cousins trapped forever in the past.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Michelle Burgess began to write as a way to entertain her grandchildren. The lead characters in this book, are largely inspired by her own children and grandchildren and her love of the natural world and all things magical and mysterious. What began as a bedtime story turned into the first instalment in the series Widdershins.