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The Amazing Fairy Wood

Mike Gould

Deep in the countryside, Sue and Ben live on their father's farm near Fairy Wood. Of course this is no ordinary wood, for fairies are not the only woodland folk who live there.

Yet they are worried.

It is raining hard and Mr and Mrs Mole's tunnels are getting damper and damper. One of the Wood Elders, Tommy the Toad, feels he just has to speak to the Old Owl about the problem. If Fairy Wood gets any wetter, all the woodland folk will be washed out of their homes.

Has the Wet Witch got out of hand, this time?

Has the otter family blocked the river?

Or it is it because it never seems to stop raining?

There is only one thing for it...

The Wood Elders agree that they must ask for help from their friendly human neighbours, Sue and Ben.

Maybe they can help them this time, too?

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Mike Gould was born in the Somerset town of Midsomer Norton, between the city of Bath and the Mendip Hills. He grew up in the town when it was part of the Somerset Coalfields and spent most of his working life in the electrical industry.

The telling and writing of stories was requested by his three children when they were younger as the published stories of the day became exhausted. He continues with both story-writing and painting to this day.

Mike Gould Q&A with Somerset Guardian