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Stories by Dhruv


In the summer of 2020 when there was a nationwide lockdown announced due to the pandemic, seven-year-old Dhruv from the coastal town of Mangalore had nothing better to do.

With his schools shut and nowhere to go his days were long and stretched.

To keep him occupied (read out of her way)
His mother asked him to write a story a day.

What started as a boring chore which his mother nagged him to do turned out to be quite enjoyable to Dhruv.

Soon his book was filled with endearing stories with befitting illustrations from his imagination.

The stories were further adapted and written in a rhyming verse by his mom who has a penchant for writing; specifically children's literature thus adding her own twist to the tales while retaining the original plot and characters.

Welcome to our world of lazy bees and talking teacups.
A world of endearing friendships and dauntless bravery.


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Based in the coastal city of Mangalore, Raksha is a person filled with paradoxes. She loves the beach but hates the sand sticking between her toes. Likes yoga but finds it difficult to remember the names of most asanas. She wishes for her tea to smell like coffee and coffee to taste like tea. She is an interior designer, aspiring writer, yoga enthusiast and above all a mother. In between discussing Minecraft with her eldest son and picking food scraps off the floor, the wall and her hair, strewn around like confetti by her toddler, Raksha tries to steal time for one of the things she cherishes to do the most - write.