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Shy Snuffles

Mary Grice

Snuffles, a new baby elephant born at the zoo, is about to make his first appearance to an excited public, and the other animals. But he doesn't seem very happy. Why is he so shy? And what does his mother, Delia, have to do to get him to come out from under his bed of hay?
Find out why adorable Snuffles is so nervous in this delightful story that celebrates love and differences.
Brilliantly brought to life by colourful illustrations, Snuffles will warm your heart.

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Mary Grice was born near historic Stonehenge. With Mum, Annie, having compiled educational books with Beatrix Potter's publishers, perhaps children's writing was inevitable for her. She started her career in television production, once busking with Only Fools and Horses' Uncle Albert for charity! She enjoys travel and diving, but mostly spending time with her son, TJ.

Mary worked with illustrator Daniel in Hong Kong. After receiving a hand painted Christmas card from him, she knew he could bring Snuffles to life. Daniel believes in the power of imagination and visualisation, from watercolour painting to digital sketching, in his visual storytelling.