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Sebastian Sparrow’s Adventures: Books 1, 2 and 3

Carol Griffiths

Sebastian Sparrow's Adventures


Sebastian Sparrow's Adventures are delightful, fun, and educational stories (set in Australia) for young children and the young at heart!


Book 1::From Scared Chick to Brave Adventurer

Join Sebastian on his first adventures from the moment he breaks through his shell. After meeting his brothers and sisters. He discovers the joy of flying and meeting animals in his neighbourhood.


Book 2: Sebastian the Sailor's Discoveries

Sebastian Sparrow with his friend Will have an exciting trip on a small cargo ship. They sail along the coast and discover new places and all kinds of animals along the way.


Book 3: Frights and Delights on his Travels

Sebastian Sparrow holidays with his friend Will and Will's parents. Travelling through the countryside, cities and seaside towns, they meet some scary animals as well as adorable ones.

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Carol's career was primarily in the corporate world working in human resource management roles across many industries. She and her husband are originally from the United Kingdom and have resided in Australia for many years. They have lived and holidayed in many countries around the world and enjoyed learning about the different people and their cultures, the geographic wonders and the animals and their habitat. Retiring from a busy corporate career gave Carol the time to fulfil her dream to research and write fun and educational books for children, telling adventurous stories involving people and animals in different countries.