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Remembering Ellen

Johanna Boal

In an idyllic Irish village, Ellen spends her days at ‘shipwreck beach' with her best friend John-Jo. Sometimes she even goes to school...but only when the mood takes her. Her days are filled with the innocence of childhood, which helps her forget momentarily her home life and the anguish of her sisters, Lizzie and Agnes. But why is it that Mike always seems to appear wherever she goes? And now that she is sixteen, is her view of this young man beginning to change...?

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I am married with three grown-up children and live in Yorkshire. I work as a librarian part-time and in my spare time I love to read and write. I am a published poet and had my first collection published by Poetry Space, Bristol.

I get many of my ideas for writing from my surroundings and experiences. If I am out and about I will write down something that catches my attention and try to use it for my writings. I am always mixing and shuffling things around with my writing ideas. I have many hobbies and interests, such as playing tennis, cycling, walking, and politics.