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Mrs Bunny and the Easter Egg

Penny Findlow

Once upon a time, hidden deep in a forest, was a village known as Badger's Bend where animals and magical creatures lived happily together including Mrs Bunny.

Mrs Bunny owned the best sweet shop in the village and, with Easter on the way, she had to prepare for it.

She had so many orders, she didn't think she could cope so she asks Nobby Gnome for help. It was Saturday morning when they made their way to market; they met Mr Beaver, who warned them about the weasels being rascals and stealing shopping after giving folk a fright. Would they make it safely home with the supplies and be ready in time for the Easter celebrations?

Eventually, after a lot of hard work, Mrs Bunny finishes her own entry for the Easter egg competition.

She doesn't realise, though, that she is about to have an Easter surprise of her own.

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Penny Findlow was born in Kent, and raised in Colchester, Essex, England. She spent time living in the United States of America and has now made her home in the beautiful Upper Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.


Penny, along with her husband, Robert, and their cat, Molly, enjoy life living on a cattle farm in the bush.


Between them they have four amazing sons, four terrific grandsons and a wonderful great-grandson.