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Jimmy Jumper

Domokos Gyorgy Varga

Jimmy Jumper is not your average flea. With a way-higher-than-average intelligence and the ability to talk, coupled with an astuteness and zest for life, rarely seen even in most humans, it's no wonder Jimmy has the ability to make connections with people from all walks of life. Oh, and animals too! (That is, as long as he sits snugly in their ear!)

In this book, Jimmy tells his best friend, Danny, a young lad, about his amazing adventures, one of which took him as far as an uninhabited island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Or that time when he spent Christmas in a cave with a homeless couple who, despite their meagre possessions in life, showed Jimmy how true love really can overcome the most desperate of circumstances.

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Domokos György Varga (65), a Hungarian writer of books for children and teenagers. His stories are characterized by a masterful combination of reality and imagination. The novel Cin-Cin is about a mysterious friendship between a toddler and a mouse. The protagonist of Fittyfirity is a kindergarten boy who gives a dog to a homeless person. In Habocska, filth dunces and foam dunces are fighting for their everyday justice. Jimmy Jumper was first published in 2016 in Hungarian (as Bilhebolha). In the author's newest fiction (Abo and Robo), a dad and his son make together the first really humanoid robot of the world.