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I Dug a Hole to China

Diane Harding

Luke decides to dig a hole to tunnel from his house in Australia through to China. Little does he know that someone else at the other end is thinking the same thing. A host of dangerous adventures follow with his new friend, usually involving being chased through a variety of Chinese landscapes and settings. Losing his route back to Australia due to a volcano, Luke learns a lot about China while escaping from angry warriors, thieves and dragons, hiding inside priceless antiques and becoming everything from a monkey to a kite. Eventually they realise they are in a race against time to put back something important in its rightful place, before certain disaster. Will they manage this without being caught, after all their mishaps? Although Luke has made a friend for life, they will need courage and initiative to get home in one piece.

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Hello. My name is Diane Harding.

It's always fun to write books for children. I like to make the stories full of action and fantastical things.

My job as a school teacher and preschool teacher included telling stories to little children, then kindergarten children, right up to year 6, so I had plenty of practice. I also like to dress up, sing songs and act out the stories that I write and read.

Maybe you'd like to be a writer too or maybe you would just like to read everything you can find.

My blog is

I am also on Facebook as Diane Harding.

I hope you enjoy this book about Luke and Lee in China. Watch out for my next book about Lee and Luke's adventures.

You might also find my book called Catastrophe Girl in the library or on line and at Little Steps Publishing or Booktopia.