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Eddie's World

Stevie-jo Foster

Eddie is a cheerful, feathery little rooster - even though his bad-tempered owner, Bigfoot, treats him rather badly. But when he discovers that his best friend, Dusty the pug, is going to move away, his whole world is thrown upside down.

A chance remark from one of his enemies from the Gully Clan makes Eddie wonder if he could find this mysterious place called ‘a farm' and be happy there with his best friend.

With the help of a colourful gang of animal friends, Eddie and Dusty start to plan an adventurous journey to find a farm.

But can they escape Bigfoot and get there safely? And will the farm match up to Eddie's dreams?

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Stevie-jo Foster has always been mesmerized by fictional storytelling and has been writing as a hobby for several years. Finally, she has decided to share one of her stories, wanting to capture the imaginations of young children as hers once was. Eddie's World was inspired whilst on a visit to her sister's one summer in Gloucester, a perfect setting as many of Stevie's fondest childhood memories are of stories set in the countryside.