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Dragon's Teeth

Ian Napier

Sixteen-year-old Peter had the best summer ever and it was mainly due to meeting up with Jasmin and Kimberley - his new girlfriends....well kind of.


Now they want him to come up to Darwin for a holiday with them when they get back from a short sailing jaunt in waters north of Australia.


But when he arrives, it is to a nightmare situation - the yacht has been attacked by pirates and the girls have been taken to the pirates' island base to be sold later as slaves.


However, the pirates weren't to know that Jasmin's uncle was a colonel in the SAS, and that's just the sort of person you don't want annoy. With his skills and Peter's determination, life is about to get pretty uncomfortable for the pirates! 

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Ian Napier's career has been largely in rocket science with the Australian Defence Department. He has several degrees in science including a PhD from Cambridge University.

His earlier books, Crocodile Dreaming and Totem, were written for children in the 8-11 age bracket while The Ghosts of Mars and an upcoming novel, Dragon's Teeth, are for young adults.

Ian lives in South Australia and has five feisty grand daughters who provide him with both inspiration and literary criticism.