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Danny and The Furry Four: The Magical Power of Chat

S A Harkness

Johnnie is being bullied at school. But he tells no-one.
Danny is his best friend, and he suspects something is not right.
However, it is the "furry four" - Danny's amazing talking dogs - who eventually get through to Johnnie and make him realise that he must change things.
Together, the boys come up with a plan to beat the school bully, but will it work? And what have the school dustbins got to do with it?

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I used to work as a caseworker for an MSP, and after losing my job due to defeat in the Scottish Elections, I decided to take the opportunity to enrol in the Open University, and I hope to achieve a degree in Psychology and Counselling.

I love the science of the human mind, and that, combined with my love of dogs, brought together the concept for my book. I hope to help children experiencing trauma to find their voice and enable them to speak up!

I live with my dogs and parrot in Dollar.