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Clara and the plot against Father Christmas

Erik Juul Clausen

Clara is spending a few days at her grandma's house and finds a beautiful old television in the attic. She loves the mysterious look of it and puts it in her bedroom. Imagine her surprise when at night, an actual elf jumps out of the screen and steals her sweets!
Without a moment's hesitation Clara jumps through the magical screen in hot pursuit of the elf. This turns out to be the start of an exciting adventure filled with strange creatures and encounters, including a group of fearsome dragons plotting against Father Christmas himself! Will Clara be able to save Christmas?

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Erik Juul Clausen (1927-2021) was born in Denmark. He has
written several novels for adults, children and young people, as
well as countless short stories, some of which have been published
in the USA, France and Sweden. As well as historical and crime
fiction, he has also written a field guide for young stargazers and
a book about colour blindness aimed at older children.
Clara and the Plot Against Father Christmas is the first of his
novels to be translated into English.