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Beatrice the Sunbeam Bunny Where Are All the Bees

Moraig DeWitt

Beatrice is a much loved, threadbare and saggy toy rabbit. She sits on the windowsill overlooking the countryside.

As the sun rises in the sky, she waits patiently for the first sunbeam's touch as it slowly moves across the sill.

At its first caress , the sunbeam transforms her into a bright furry yellow bunny, full of energy and life. She rushes into the garden where, together with Thumps, a brown hare that lives in the hedges, she learns the effects and importance of bees in our gardens. She shows the preciousness of water, what litter does to our countryside and how beautiful our gardens, countryside and creatures are.

She is Beatrice, the Sunbeam Bunny. Come with her on her adventures as she opens a world closed to many children today.

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Moraig, an internationally sold artist, is originally from South Africa, born in Durban and lived in Cape Town before moving to France with her husband Mark and two dogs, Tass and Ted. She currently works with her husband as Estate and House Managers as well as Holistic Therapist at a Chateau in Normandy. Her inspiration comes from her love of nature, the beauty of flora and fauna, the changing seasons, country life and Thumps , a rescued hare that lives under the bed and is part of the family.