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Alfred the Great Alpine Gnome

George W. Green

Alfred the Great Alpine Gnome is an expert climber, but seems to be struggling as a father. He feels a distance between himself and his sons. After a heart-to-heart with his own dad, he embarks on a series of adventures with his two sons, to get closer to his children and rediscover his spirit of adventure.


His loving but long-suffering wife Angelina looks on as Alfred, Markus and Christian travel as far as Canada to hunt with Indians, fight dangerous criminal gnomes closer to home, help to rescue a stranded old friend, come face to face with angry animals and laugh uproariously at Alfred's antics and attempts to get back in touch with his youth.


During his daring adventures, Alfred gains experience of everything, from acting to cattle rustling, with varying degrees of success. But will all this bring his family closer together?

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I was born near Oxford in 1957, have travelled quite a bit, in various places around the world, with my parents. I am a computer engineer by profession.


After working in mainland Europe for many years, I decided
to move to the Alpine region of Central Europe, with my wife and children.


Views of the mountains inspired me to pen this book. 
I have enjoyed writing about these characters, who have been in my head for a long time. My family are my strongest critics.