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Albert and the Karnakins

J. Douglas

Albert is a young boy whose inventive grandfather disappears suspiciously out of his garden shed.

A few years later Albert discovers his grandpa's magic telescope; this shrinks him and transports him into a magical miniature world in his back garden. Here, he meets the "Karnakins", tiny people living in his garden who are constantly attacked by an evil king who flies around on mosquitoes, capturers the Karnakins and makes them his slaves. He discovers that his grandfather visited this land many years before him and that his grandpa may still be here.

Albert and his new found friends set off on a quest to stop the evil king and his "Thrashers" and to free the Karnakin slaves.
Travelling through Albert's back garden, he sees the world like he has never seen it before and experiences wild adventures, from climbing giant tulips and rafting down drinking straws, to flying through the air in a tennis ball and driving through the sewers in a sports car.

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J. Douglas was 10 years old when he wrote Albert and the Karankins. He has been a storyteller ever since he could string two words together and this is his first book of many. A book written by a child for children, J. Douglas puts stories together that will keep any child captivated until the end. Telling stories is J. Douglas's passion, having people enjoy them is his dream.