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A Tale of Two Lobsters

Chris Williamson

It is a commonly held belief that lobsters find a mate and stay together for life. Although this is not true it is nice to believe.
This is a story of two lobsters who meet then part to have their own separate adventures.
They both make all kinds of exciting discoveries about this amazing world we live in.
They begin to appreciate the delicate ecological balance of this beautiful planet and are reunited through extraordinary circumstances.
"A kind of marine life ‘Wuthering Heights' - but more fun." -The Lobster Times

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Chris Williamson is an architect who is passionate about trying to alter people's perception of climate change issues and thought the best way might be to start with young people. The issues are really not that complicated and each person makes a huge difference. Chris thought that he would have to wait to retire before writing his first book for children but with galleries, museums, theatres and galleries closed in the pandemic found some free time in the evenings to complete the book. Chris drew half of the illustrations before realising that his work colleague, Nayara, would finish them quicker and more beautifully. All the author's profits are donated to World Animal Protection.