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A Green Hairy Thing Wearing Dad's Old Vest

Jennifer Coville

An adventure into space, out among the stars
Where could you be going? All the way to Mars?
Is there anybody out there? Oh, what would you do?
If you met an alien who said "How do you do?"
Is it all a dream, or perhaps completely true?
You can find the answers, the story has the clues.

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I am Jennifer Coville, I was born in Witney, (where the blankets used to come from), I don't think I'll tell you when, but I am a Granny. I grew up in Oxfordshire, Norfolk and Gloucestershire, boarding school in Oxford, then boring college in Cambridgeshire.

I have written poetry since I was about 5 years old.

So, no deep roots to one area but my ancestors came over with William the Conqueror in 1066 so I consider myself a Viking with over one thousand years of Englishness!

Many years spent teaching "whole person fitness". In another life, I was a Veterinary nurse, a Company director, a Shop owner, a Cattery owner, and an Aerobics Instructor, but am now sort of retired, still busy teaching Pilates, playing tennis, cycling, walking, playing my ukulele, writing poetry, gardening and other fun things.

So there's my life in 3 paragraphs!!! Not over yet though, many more poetry writing years.