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Children’s Fiction

  • Home isn't Always a Place

    Alexa Kerr-Dineen

    "Home isn't always a place It's that feeling deep down in your tum, When you're wrapped in a hug by warm, safe arms And held tight when the day is done." Home doesn't need to have to have four walls and a door, or be made of bricks and mortar. Home is a feeling we carry within ourselves, something that can't be taken from us, no matter how much our lives


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  • Granny and her Grouper

    Paul Rogēt

    A little old lady, a little brown fish, and a little magic makes Granny and her Grouper a fantastical story about these unlikely best friends.  


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  • Never Apart

    Lori-Ann Russett

    The story of Myron the Christian millipede facing challenges in life and how he chooses to overcome those obstacles.  


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  • Pierre the Pill Bug Loves Soccer

    Kevin Rhoads

    This is a story about Pierre the Pill Bug, and his absolute love of soccer. He shows us all what determination is.  


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  • Stories by Dhruv


    In the summer of 2020 when there was a nationwide lockdown announced due to the pandemic, seven-year-old Dhruv from the coastal town of Mangalore had nothing better to do. With his schools shut and nowhere to go his days were long and stretched. To keep him occupied (read out of her way) His mother asked him to write a story a day. What started as a boring chore which his


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  • You Couldn’t Fit That in a Sandwich!

    Sarah Hill

    If you could have anything for lunch, what would you choose? Something yummy? Something very, very scrummy? Or something more... A fun, rhyming story following a child's unusual decision-making process for the most 'delicious' lunch.  


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  • Don't Go In The Garden, Baby

    Sally Wilson

    Mum lets Holly and Baby out to play in the garden where they meet some nasty gnomes who try to steal Baby's warm winter clothes.  


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  • Other Creatures

    Malcolm Gerloch

    Friendship between a cat and a mouse, between an owl and a mouse, between a cat, an owl and snakes? Ridiculous! Can all these creatures speak to, and understand, each other? Can they and their human friends read each other's minds? Why would they want to? Meanwhile, Ridden survives a threat of murder and Hollywood woos both of our gregarious, loving cats. There's nothing boring about this pair! T


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  • A Book Of Modern Fables

    Marcia Wilshaw-Mell

    Jump into this amazingly written book by Marcia Wilshaw-Mell that offers short stories each with a life lesson to it. Each fable about animals and nature is narrated in a simple way to aid understanding and is extraordinarily beautiful in the way that it has been laid out for the reader. You can read from any place in the book, it doesn't have to be from the start. You can come back to this lovely book at any


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  • Did You Know? You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are

    Desiree Vazquez

    A book for all ages to turn to again and again! This little robot learns about the life lessons and good habits it takes some of us years to figure out. With lightheartedness and a little bit of humor, this robot shows us that we all have so many opportunities to shine, be creative, kind, generous, and honest. Most of all, the robot reminds us to be bold and be ourselves because after all, ther


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  • The Lonely Little Fairy

    Richard Thomas Carey

    Sad and alone stands one lonely little fairy named Elspeth; however, Elspeth is no ordinary fairy but a Christmas fairy who stands at the top of the Christmas tree. As she watches the toys joyfully play, Elspeth realises how lonely she has become. If it wasn't bad enough, being alone over Christmas, things were no better for the rest of the year where she is kept all alone in a dark, gloomy cupboard. Why can&#


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  • William of Windsor

    Emma Lucy Judson

    William is an ordinary brown mouse who lives in a tiny mouse hole in the pretty English town of Windsor. One day, William concocts a daring plan to try to meet his beloved Queen of England. Follow his exciting adventure through Windsor Castle to see if his dream comes true.  


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