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Children’s Fiction

  • Rocky the Brave


    Rocky is sure of few things in life and one of them is this: a true cat MUST catch a mouse! Follow the tales of Rocky the tabby cat as he stumbles upon the magical land of the canal. Join him as he navigates his way through a story of bravery, adventure and an unlikely friendship.  


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  • Pinou and The Mystery of The Ocean

    Ozge Gurbuz

    Pinou is a happy boy who lives on an island where everything seems to be in perfect harmony. However, after finally finding the courage to face his fears, everything begins to change in surprising ways. While Pinou discovers the power of knowledge, the warmth of friendship and the magic of diversity, he finds himself in the middle of a fantastic adventure starting on an island and reaching far down into the


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  • Is That a Zebra Crossing? 

    Paul and Clare Bermingham

    Is That a Zebra Crossing? is the story of Debra, an African zebra, who must cross a very busy road in order to play her favourite game of hide and seek with her friends. It is a time when zebras, like many other creatures in Africa, are a rather plain beige colour. They cannot easily be seen through the smoke and the dust created by the trucks driving on the busy road and there are no safe places for


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  • Suzie The Eight Legged Painter

    Bethany Gum

    Suzie is a friendly, paint-loving spider who lives on the outside of Buzz Town. One day, she travels into town to make new friends. No one wants to be her friend because she has eight legs and the other insects think she is scary! This makes Suzie feel sad. What can Suzie do to prove to the town that she is not scary? Is Suzie ​really ​scary just because she has 8 legs?  


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  • The Hooded Sweefa

    A.M Seifried

    When an evil squirrel announces his shocking plan, only the Hooded Sweefa and her unicorn could stop him in his tracks, and melt his heart of evil.  


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  • Run Little Rabbit, Run

    Thea O'Brien

    Little Rabbit is looking for a home. How does he find the right place to live? Is it by the haybarn? Is it in the tunnel? Follow Little Rabbit on his adventures and discover how he finds a place to call home.  


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  • Molly in Construction

    Lisa Molloy

    Follow Molly through the construction site and discover all of the day to day activities and the interesting people she meets along the way that help her do her job. Learn how they work together and what each person does in order to build an amazing structure. What problems do they come across and how do they overcome them? Welcome to the world of construction... one day you to might just be part of it. So step in


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  • Snow Globe Adventure: The Lost Mermaid

    Hans Beumer

    In this rhyming story, grandpa and his four grandchildren undertake an adventurous journey. It is an action-packed mission in the underwater world of the seas to take a lost mermaid back to her home in Atlantis. This exciting adventure introduces underwater animals and thrilling challenges while guiding the mermaid home. The children participate in this captivating story and love the colors, magic, and fun of the


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  • A Wish

    Concetta Figura

    Alessio was a child like all the others, but in his heart he had a great wish, unfortunately no one could help him, not even his mother. So he lived those days locked up in his room with his own games trying to distract himself. One day, however, something really shocking happened that he could hardly believe, he thought it was a dream but at the same time he was happy and euphoric for everything that was happenin


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  • The adventures of Marie and Charles - The colours

    Hernan Angeli & Luciano Rago

    The Adventures of Marie and Charles summons the family. Because the best way of learning is together, this book invites parents and children to explore new worlds in search of the truth about nature's work. Hand in hand with two curious twin brother and sister and their friend, Sago, the goblin of curiosity, you will be thrilled by the many interesting things out there to be seen and learnt.


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  • Silly Lilly

    Ellinor Blaurock-Bush

    A poetry/picture book for children of all ages about the ups and downs of friendship with illustrations from Santa Fe artist Arlene LaDell Hayes whose work is featured in US museums and galleries, and poetry by Ellinor Blaurock-Busch who holds a MSc in creative writing from Edinburgh University.  


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  • Pockets

    Janet Johnson Anderson

    Pockets is a likeable penguin, but she doesn't fit in. She doesn't speak, everything is too loud, and she looks different. She doesn't have the Emperor orange stripe along her beak, and she was born with pockets on her belly. She gets by with headphones and things she keeps in her pockets. But it is not until she discovers icePads, that she finds her voice and a way to fit into the penguin community.


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