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Below Ground

Charlie Kane

The moment Captain Lucas Stone is released from Blackdawn Prison, he is drawn into the dark and deceitful world of espionage. He and his loyal recruits are tasked not only to take down a secret society's plan, involving numerous high ranking officials and prominent members of British society, to overthrow the British government and form their own dictatorship, but also to track down a fellow prisoner on a serious killing spree. All is not as it seems and Lucas needs to decide who his friends are.

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Charlie Kane was born in Oxford and grew up in the East End of London. A qualified constructional engineer, he was part of the first British national rowing squad and has been a fashion designer, boxing promoter and nightclub owner. He has been chased out of Italy by the Mafia and exported rice from India to Sierra Leone.

Below Ground takes a different direction to Charlie's previously published works, The Gladwick Adventures (series of three).