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Living Chaos


Life is a beautiful thing, but it is also a chaotic string of lines traveling from one place to another. Feeling lost and alone, or strong and put together. You may feel you will never escape the torment of your soul. You may think there is going to be nothing better than this moment right here and now. Everything may feel like chaos, but you are living for every tender second. The morsels in your hand melting away in the heat or staying solid in the cold. Your experience will affect you differently and so will the words inside this book. Feel them, maybe even live them, but know you are never alone.

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C. Botti is a writer currently based in The Poconos of Pennsylvania. She received her A.S. in baking and pastry and is now striving for her B.A. and master's in social work. She grew up on books and inhaled them as many as she could as fast as she could. Always finding herself writing down her own thoughts as well, she has wanted to get her own words out there and into the hands of readers. She wants to impact others in the best way she can and leave them with the sense that they are never the only one. Living Chaos is her published piece of poetry and draws from personal experience and feelings.