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Let me show you Dog Heaven

Cara Aiken

For children, the loss of a beloved family dog can be particularly traumatic. This is often a child's first experience of grief, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and confused.

This delightful, fictitious and engaging pet loss book will capture your child's attention from the very first page.

It gently and beautifully takes the child through a variety of stages, from saying goodbye, to grieving and acceptance. This is achieved by way of a visual guide, as they follow their dog's journey to ‘Dog Heaven'.

‘Let me show you dog heaven', aims to provide comfort and joy to every child, with each turn of the page. This enchanting, fantasy story is filled with simple rhyming text and heart warming images of their dog's antics and adventures, with all their new friends in dog heaven.

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Cara lives in Hertfordshire with her 3 dogs, a cat and
2 daughters. She has previously published two non-fiction
books which continue to be successful. Let me show you
dog heaven is her first children's book, the idea derived from
personal experience and with a passion to comfort others
through their grief. Cara is currently writing two further
books, in a similar style, to offer comfort to children who
are grieving for other pets.