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Fuzzy Bear George

Briony Sian Gibbs

"I've got this feeling the noise needs our help," came Georgie's earnest reply.

Georgie is an unusual looking bear, born with many physical differences, but he has never let it stop him from having fun with his best friend Archie, a flightless cockatoo parrot, who both love going on adventures to explore new areas they have never been before. On this particular adventure, Georgie hears a piercing noise that terrifies him yet piques his curiosity as to what it could be, as Archie didn't hear it. As they head off on their journey they face many obstacles with their friendship, personal fears, anxieties, and cross paths with many enemies both animal and human alike. Will they find the source of the piercing noise or is Georgie's hearing impairment leading them into danger for nothing. They could get eaten or captured or lost.

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As a young child I always enjoyed writing stories about anything and everything I could think of to create another world where anything is possible. During that brief time I would get completely immersed in a world much more wonderful and magical than our own. For me, it is also important that each story contains a moral message to help the reader learn, understand and cope with any concerns in life, and I hope that I can continue to achieve this and help others.