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Twizzle The Crosseyed Cupid

Brian Beardsley

What is love? How does it work? Why are there so many different types of love? In nature, there are these little creatures called cupids and for a long time, they created a very black and white world of love. This little tale is about a unique cupid named Twizzle. You see, Twizzle is crosseyed. The way Twizzle sees love will change the way the other cupids see the world of love. This will challenge the other cupids who want nothing to do with Twizzle and want to keep the ways of inspiration simple and boring. Someone else has noticed Twizzle and his disruption in the world of love, Venus, queen of the cupids!

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Brian Beardsley is an instructional designer by day. While he is not creating online courses for a local company he is writing and drawing comics or kid stories. He lives in Tacoma, Washington in a small house with two dogs, Sam and Tug.