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The Beast of Bishop

Borden Shaw

Jonathan Fredericks was tabloid fodder. The disappearance of his wife, the story of the thug from Miami who met Jonathan at the border and promptly vanished - allegations, all allegations.

The Telestar paper wasn't really paying much attention until Jonathan got hold of the paper's editor offering an exclusive, no holds barred. Old Bull still wouldn't have had any interest except the bottom line of the paper was suffering thanks to the internet. An exclusive might just help.

Bull assigned Mathew Jordan to cover the story. Mathew saw this mundane story as being more suited to one of the rookies. There was the issue of the big man's short fuse, and the fact that he was not averse to getting physical when pushed, especially with the press that had not been kind to him. Mathew was more than confident he could handle him any situation, but... Despite his protests, Bull took this rare occasion to put his foot down.

Everything was going well. The two men had established a real rapport, so much so that Mathew felt comfortable following Jonathan to a remote cabin retreat he had up north. But what he uncovered arriving unannounced could cost him his life.

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Borden Shaw was born and raised in southern Ontario, and still lives there with his wife.

He began writing in high school. His passions back then were writing and the martial arts. He went on to become a jujitsu instructor, all the while continuing to write.

He sold several short stories to the Toronto Sun in the nineties; and, in 2004, he had his first book published as an e-book - long before e-books were popular.

Now retired, he still stays active by going to the gym, and reads some, but mostly he devotes his time to writing.