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Maldwyn's Quest

Pauline Taylor

Maldwyn, a truly wonderful wizard, has for many years lived a lonely existence. In recent times two creatures, a cat and an owl, have found their way to his home and the three of them have created a sort of family, where Maldwyn lives a very content life.

But things are about to alter for Maldwyn when two, what appear to be children, turn up on his doorstep, and although their appearance in the middle of the night at his house may seem unusual, things start to take an even weirder turn when it is discovered that the two children and the cat and the owl know each other.

Are the owl and the cat truly what they seem to be? Are the children in fact children?

One thing that is for certain is that this meeting between all five will take them all on an adventure that they never thought possible and will turn Maldwyn into the wizard he is meant to be.

Dragons, trolls, faeries, wizards and creatures from man's mythology all appear in this tale of good versus evil, and the fellowship of a group of friends.

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Pauline Taylor was born in a little mining village in what is now South Yorkshire. She was the youngest of three children. Maldwyn’s Quest is Pauline’s third book and although it is sometimes hard to find the time to write, she knows that writing, for her, is the best therapy she could have had.