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Know Yourself, Understand Others

Jane Newton

Self worth is everything!


Lack of confidence can affect many areas of your life. Personal expectations or those of others can increase self doubt, and it is often difficult to find a way which is right for you. This book will give you the opportunity to explore your own feelings and help you to know yourself. You may be comforted to find that your ideas are OK after all.


We all suffer from lack of self esteem at times. Did you have a happy childhood? The treatment you received will undoubtedly have had an effect. Verbally, or even physically abusive parents may have undermined your confidence.


Every new event presents its own challenges. This book explores many aspects of life, enabling you to form your own opinions and also understand other people, who may have different ideas. It deals with parenting, sex, body image, mental health, relationships, family life and much, much more.

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Jane Newton was born in England but brought up in Africa. She is a trained counsellor and worked for fifteen years as a surgery counsellor for three NHS practices. All her clients were sent by the doctors or other medical professionals. Both her personal life and her experience in counselling have given her deep insights into human nature. She now lives in the south west of England.