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Hunter's Bar

Nicole Maharaj

Nicole Maharaj is a writer with a wonderful imagination and has given us a riveting tale for young readers which will in turn stretch their imaginations.

The main characters, including Marcus and Hunter Moon, take turns to be the narrator so we see the unfolding drama from their perspective.

We meet a broad cast of witches, werewolves, vampires and mermaids set in a supernatural world. Predictably, therefore, they have supernatural abilities. Hunter Moon, for example, is a werewolf and can move seamlessly in and out of his wolf form. He was born on an especially powerful autumn solstice and is thus the perfect candidate to undo a long-standing curse on a clan of witches. This curse compels them to live forever, aging but not dying, definitely not a pleasant destiny. Since Hunter's soul needs to be sacrificed in order to break this curse, it is understandable that he attempts to escape this fate! He has some sticky moments, however.

Meanwhile, there is a unique plant, the mortal bloom. The slightest contact with this plant has an irreversible effect concerning mortality and immortality and thus requires a secret guardianship not easy to achieve.

The action moves swiftly from one scene to the next, assisted by the supernatural abilities of the characters. Werewolf or witch they may be, but their very ‘human' friendships, strengths and failings are the ingredients which engage us all too human readers and create a bond of sympathy between us.

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Nicole Maharaj has been writing since she was thirteen years old. Her first published piece was a poem and short story, published in a textbook in her first year of high school and published her first novel, The Prince's Vow, via Amazon in 2015.Hunter's Bar was created in the same universe as Prince's Vow and share some familiar faces in Hunter's Bar. When she's not in that universe, she's working on her first attempt at Science Fiction: Thorns.