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Burning the Parchment

Ruth Less

When Fleur bumped into Mark Basterfield one fateful rainy evening, she would never have guessed how her life, and the lives of those who loved her, would be changed forever.

John Basterfield always lived in the shadow of his elder brother, Mark, so when he found the parchment in their late Uncle Benjamin's house, he decided he would start a new game. Later, he wrote seven symbols he found in a leather book on the parchment and, as a drop of his blood fell on to the parchment, he had no idea about the archaic ritual he had unwittingly unleashed.

Choden Lamas, the master monk, felt the evil Samil in the room as he watched Fleur and her twin sister, Violet. Is there anything he could do to stop the curse before it destroyed them? Will the past finally be laid to rest? Can he save them? Can anyone?

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Ruth Less lives on the Wirral with her husband, Dave. They have two adult sons and Montgomery, their mischievous Jack Russell.
Ruth is a regular distance swimmer with a keen interest in yoga, enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. Before becoming an author she worked in Adult Social Care for twenty years. Divine Timing is the first book in a series of five volumes written in the UK and Australia. Although her writing is fictional with a supernatural twist, most of her inspiration was taken from the many paths she has crossed.
A natural storyteller with a determined spirit, she is tackling her own demon, which is dyslexia.