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Alone It's Okay

Betty Rose

Far from her home in Romania, Elena hopes to have an education and a career in art and design, something that would not have been possible back home in her mountain village where life was rural and simple, and young girls were protected, nurtured and raised to be good wives.

Uncle Andrei had other plans for her, and Aunt Anna? She didn't question or challenge.

Local pensioners Beryl and Malcolm have no idea how their lives are about to change when they become embroiled in the goings-on at the end of the street.

Fate introduces Elena to Luke, a young policeman, who is determined to save her. Passions and loyalties are stretched to the limit with unforeseen tragic consequences.

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I was born in Coventry, the youngest of six children. We were amongst other hard-working families in a clean, caring, supportive home which offered few frills but provided a very necessary safe haven from the outside world. The thread of blood linked the differing personalities and aspirations of us siblings and as I've grown older, I've learnt to appreciate their friendship more and more.
I've always made up stories, a legacy from my dad who delighted in telling me scary tales; I create poems, spiritual philosophies, relaxation scripts, either on paper or mostly in my head, and have a tendency to drift into my own little world during conversation, a habit that used to annoy my teachers and my very busy mum immensely, and understandably so!
I haven't changed in this respect!