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Passionate Intention

Belinda Vale and Felix Foreman

Robbie lives in London with his parents. His mother is a recovering alcoholic who one day meets a lovely young woman, Anna, in a nearby park. After a friendly chat, she invites Anna back home for tea and when Robbie comes back from work, he meets her. The two are instantly attracted to each other.
Anna is a Swiss national and has been working as an au pair in London, but her contract is shortly to come to an end. The pair are distraught about having to part after only just having found one another, so it is agreed Robbie will visit Anna in Basel, her home town, where she lives with her sister Evelyn and Evelyn's boyfriend, the charming Frenchman, Marcel.
After Robbie's first visit to Switzerland it becomes clear to the couple that they cannot bear to be apart and so Robbie arranges to get a job working at a major pharmaceutical company in Basel.
But no one can foresee the consequences of this choice; and none of the happy family can know what will eventually happen.
A gripping tale of love, companionship and commitment is set against a backdrop of jealous fixation as a colleague of Robbie's forms a dangerous obsession with him.
Where will it all lead?

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Belinda is single. She writes poetry and paints in her spare time and enjoys walking in the countryside and local woodlands with her dog.

Felix, also single, took an active part in Formula Ford racing in his youth and is now interested in unusual cars, watching football and rugby, going to the movies and visiting art galleries.