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Where Are They All Now?

Elizabeth Ellen

You go through life wondering where it will take you and if you're making the right decisions.


This account of my early life, my most memorable days at work based on tongue-in-cheek experiences, through to retirement, captures my journey along the way.


Being involved in setting up a new company from scratch with one employee right through to seeing it become a very successful company with over a hundred staff was both rewarding and mind blowing, fun along the way, but very hard work at times.


The sense of achievement is always with you until the day you leave with the proud feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile with your life.


When retirement finally beckons and you've reached the light at the end of the tunnel, you ask yourself, 'did I make a difference?'


The answer in my case is, 'yes, I think I did', and came out of the tunnel with a smile on my face.

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Elizabeth was born and grew up in the home counties at the start of the baby boomer generation.

After her marriage she relocated to the north-west where she still lives with her husband of fifty years. They have one adult son, two grown up grandchildren, and a wonderful supportive family.

Travelling worldwide is her greatest joy, especially watching the world go by from the window of a train.