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The Silent Towers Speak

Valerie Helps

THE SILENT TOWERS SPEAK - Secrets of the Deep Mani


The Silent Towers Speak is Valerie's third illustrated book. It tells of her exciting life exploring a remote region of the southern Peloponnese with her partner, Geoffrey. This book, based on her journals, was written before she left Greece for France to cruise the French waterways on their canal boat; their story, The Voyages of de Villehardouin, was published in 2018. This was followed by A Third of a Pond published in 2020, describing their idyllic life in rural France and the restoration of a two-hundred-year-old farmhouse with its neglected garden.

Join Valerie in the remote and barren region of the Deep Mani - a land of savage history where fleeing Spartans in the eighteenth century built their fortified villages and soaring feudal towers in the southernmost part of the Peloponnese.

Valerie and Geoffrey find the harbour in Homer's mythological Odyssey where Ulysses loses twelve of his fleet to the cannibalistic Laestrygonian giants, locate crumbling Frankish castles and Nestor's Palace, enjoy an evening at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, swim in the Messenian Gulf and live life to the full.


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Valerie Helps was born in London and grew up in East Africa. Widely travelled, she has lived in Australia, Greece and France, where she established herself as a successful travel writer and illustrator.

Valerie's first book, Freckles the Fawn, was written when she was eighteen. In Australia, she established Valerie's Page, a popular children's page in a major Sunday newspaper, with stories inspired by her children and her African background. Seven of these featured in her television series.

Her short stories, poetry and children's books have been published in journals and newspapers worldwide.

During the eighties, Valerie worked with Youth Orchestras and as Orchestra Manager in the Sydney Opera House. When she needed something "completely different", she moved to Crete to lease out holiday villas and later left for France with Geoffrey, her new partner, to spend the summers on their canal boat ‘de Villehardouin'. She now lives in Sydney.