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Jacqueline Gabriel

Gabriella is born as one of thirteen children into a poor family who suffer many trials while she is growing up: freezing conditions in winter, limited space and sibling rivalry for love and affection. Her mother believes the family is cursed, thanks to the words of an old neighbour. Gabriella survives the early loss of her father, terrifying abuse and poor treatment in her relationships, to eventually begin to make use of her incredible singing voice. A period of her life is spent mingling with the stars and enjoying the acclaim that her performance brings. More tragedies await, however, in the form of deaths, bad luck, low confidence and a gripping addiction, and it seems Gabriella's dreams will forever be just outside her grasp. Was the curse real, or do our own decisions shape our destinies? Gabriella's ups and downs invite us to consider these and other questions about life and choices.

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I am the seventh child in a family of thirteen and I am the only child who pursued a career in music.
Born with an incredible talent, I sang for heads of state, travelled the world in private jets, was chauffeured in a Rolls Royce and stayed in five-star hotels.
Then tragedy struck and I was voiceless.
I am the mother of two children.
I live in Toronto, Canada.