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Survivor: 1851 Insurrection from New Orleans to Cuba

Dal Cousans

In the early morning darkness of August 1851, the Pampero left New Orleans carrying hundreds of Filibusters looking for riches, glory, and a chance to liberate Cuba. General Narciso Lopez, through love of his country, had gathered these men to liberate his homeland but the glorious reception the General expected on his return to Cuba was never to be found. Humans and Nature conspired against the Expedition to halt it in its tracks. Horrors hounded them at every turn in the pursuit of a dream and the courageous men were beaten down until they could go on no longer.

William Cousans was one of the filibusters and he described a part of the experience for the men where they were, "...suffering inconceivable tortures..." in an interview he gave in 1913 as the last living survivor of the expedition. Through his account, the events leading up to and around the Expedition are revealed as he talks about the expedition and his life as one of it's survivors.

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Born and raised in New Orleans, by day, a Bonsai enthusiast, by night a historian. I enjoy traveling to places with great history like my own. I have been surrounded by the history of this great city my whole life. After discovering family papers, I found my great-great grandfather's interview from 1913. It opened the door to history that is basically unknown, not only to New Orleans, but throughout the world. I hope you will enjoy these writings as much as I have researched every step he endured.