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Of Roads and Rainbows

Noel L. Smart

Of Roads and Rainbows is a treat for lovers of Australia and an excellent introduction to the country for lovers of surprises.

Think again if you thought you knew how exotic Australian wildlife can be, or how beautiful and unique its natural wonders and natural history could be.

Only Australia ranks as both one of the world's oldest and youngest countries.

Nowhere else offers the rich combination of a unique and ancient natural history that came to be revealed to the wider world through its colonial history, woven of human and humorous stories that are every bit as curious and quizzical.

When retirement beckoned, Noel and Jean Smart packed their Jeep and drove off to explore their homeland. Two years and twenty-seven thousand kilometres later, Noel is ready to share their discoveries and describe those natural wonders and wildlife, and always through the unique colour, culture and comedy provided by Australia's colonial history.

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Noel L. Smart currently resides in New South Wales, Australia, with his wife, Jean. Having followed their dream to travel the beautiful country, they packed up their jeep and set off for places unknown. Of Roads and Rainbows is the travel memoir of that once-in-a-lifetime journey.